Nicci, Xavier and Ahmir are travelers of the wind, adventurers. During an exploration in Mexico, they became tired and entered an ancient mission.

Nicci instantly saw an obscure bottle resting on an altar. After taking a sip, a woman mystically appeared. Nicci recognized her immediately. The patterns and colors on her clothes were unmistakable. It was Mayahuel, the Aztec goddess.

She began to tell the legend of Mission Cielo. “For centuries, many hands worked the land and crafted a mezcal as a gift to the gods. The gods would toast with the drink saying, “Para todo mal, mezcal. Para todo bien también,” said Mayahuel. She warned that Nicci was holding the last remnant of Mision Cielo’s mezcal that survived the Spanish prohibition. And then as extraordinarily as she appeared, Mayahuel was gone.

Nicci excitedly tried to explain the experience to Xavier and Ahmir. She gave them a sip, and began to pack the mezcal. Mayahuel appeared again, this time blocking the mission’s entrance. Assigned by the gods to protect the mezcal, she could not allow it to be wasted. In order to take the mezcal, the group must first swear an oath. “Spread word of Mission Cielo to honor its heritage. It is only to touch the lips of those who have lived a life of unique experiences. Para todo mal, mezcal. Para todo bien también,” said Mayahuel. Nicci, Xavier and Ahmir vowed to keep their promise.

Journeying to Oaxaca, they began working with a master distiller to recreate the drink. Now, they must spread the Legend of Mission Cielo, careful to share with only the worthy and experienced.

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